Works in the black and white spectra are traced back to the times of the great wanderers of the Mediterranean.  The use of light and shading took on a larger meaning as this method became a favorite and was used a lot more.   The checkered design is a trademark of every designers' collection.  The reason for this is that black and white (unlike other colors) bring out the fine lines and figure of the face.  To do this a designer is needed who has a lot of intelligence and taste.  I would recommend black and white to any woman who has natural contrasting colors... that is, a white face and very dark hair.  For others, a soft ash-cream combination will do the job.  Any combination radiates a feeling of balance and harmony.                                               
      Samples typify pyramids       theme worked into geometric shapes to create an uplifting effect.
The blocks of colors are surprisingly easy to work with Jacquard (Fair Isle) method if you not enjoy Intarsia.

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