Our ancestors knew how to do things in ways that have been forgotten.  They did everything with their own hands.  Proper manners at the dinner table, sitting upright in a chair, and talking without the use of slang is all a thing of the past.  Even men losing their heads over a woman seems to be long gone.                                                                            




We adopted many traditions in the world of craft work from our ancestors.  The motifs reflect Country, Cottage, Ethnic and Vintage styles which in turn guide us to the most recognizable elements such as birds, trees, bees, butterflies, fruits, hearts, and so on.




Working with nostalgic styles is a very pleasing and rewarding experience.  Knowing and appreciating the history of these styles allows us to combine and unite the best elements from past and present.  Throwback clothes are demanded and well liked.  After all, tomorrow starts at the end of today. 

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