Celtic Collection (Irish Style)
History, traditions and travel ...
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Item No: 112
Wave Pullover

Item No: 113
Baltica Pullover S-M

Item No: 114
Hooded Vest S-M

Item No: 115
Turtle Vest S-M

Item No: 116
Wave Tunic

Item No: 117
Irish Tunic L-XL

Item No: 118
Celtic Vest L-XL

Item No: 119
Sleeping King Hat

Item No: 120
Summer Iris Coat L-XL

Item No: 123

Short Pullover
Each Mike's Knit Kit contains :
Yarns , buttons, color charts ,detailed instructions ,picture of knitwear , tapestry needle , knitting bag.

All my designs are available as knit kits, patterns or ready-made. All pieces can be specially hand-knitted for you in the Oregon by a member of my team of expert knitters.
Each piece usually takes about 8 weeks to complete.

Please note that whilst we always try to supply exactly the original yarns, it may occasionally be necessary to supply a substitute.

For any questions contact: oregonknits@yahoo.com

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