Laundry. How to wash wool knitwear


 The key word to washing wool is gentle.  Imagine that it is your pet.  You wouldn't stick him into your washing machine and douse him with chemicals, would you?  All fur that came from something that walked on four legs should be taken care of with your hands.                                                                                  



 Wool loves water just like you.  Without proper care the sweaters can become brittle and inelastic.  Overstretched ribbing can also be a  result of misuse.  A tub with warm water and a non-corrosive cleaning agent is your best bet.  



 To get the best results for rinsing, vinegar is my product of choice, but you may not like it due to it's smell.  For washing, my family uses a soft soap, warm water for rinsing, with a hint of lavender to keep the moths away.  Don't use the scent balls because they are made with the same thing that the ancient Egyptians used to mummify their dead.




 This is no way to dry something that was made with 80 hours of careful work by hand.  This will only deform a masterpiece and ruin it completely. 



 Yes, this is exactly how it should be dried.  A sweater must be pressed with a towel, put into a dark place, flattened, and laid out to dry.  Your work of art will take on a more natural look with this technique.  All of our sweaters are put through this procedure.


 At all cost, avoid ironing.  You can forget about this invention when working with wool.  This only destroys the structure of fibers.  All yarns which were treated as Superwash are rough, brittle and deformed. 

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