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From Mike Toller - organizator of the Oregon Knits club:

...My heart belongs to one half of the population of this earth;  that one half are women.  There is natural beauty in every one of us, and no one is more beautiful than another.  The categories we are put into are only the reflection of what we wear.  I feel that it is my job to make sure that my designs fit the people who wear them and bring out their beauty to the rest of the world.

Our family has always been interested in travel, geography, and historical clothing design.  Recently I was awarded a scholarship from AAA for my knowledge in social studies and geography.


   Designers think not by stitches and rows, but forms, lines, and popularity.  The designers job is to draw.  Everything else is the job of a sample-maker.  The chemistry of a designer and a sample-maker has to be perfect. I'm lucky enough to have an excellent domestic sample-maker.              
 This job includes: selecting yarn and tools, buying the yarn, making 100 patterns, counting stitches, fitting size patterns, and washing the sample to block it.  If this pleases the designer, on at least the fifth time, then it can be said that the job is well done.  All that is left to do is talk to the yarn supplier and receive a patent for the work of art.  Oh yeah...and find a client who will love the work just as much as we do.  

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